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Founded in 2006, the group is headquartered in Dubai. Since the establishment of the company, its industry and assets have been expanding. Its investment scope covers oil fields, financial markets, mining, agriculture, real estate, hotel resort it and other fields. It is a financial investment institution with excellent reputation. It is a group of bankers with professional skills and years of experience in foreign exchange and resource investment. It has foreign exchange trading service providers, fund management and real economy institutions in more than 100 emerging economic systems in Europe, America, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia, etc It is composed of analysts and actuaries. The objective is to provide investors with the best trading scheme, including establishing their own fund management plans and self operating accounts, providing direct access to global financial markets for correct trading, and providing world-class investment schemes. Using its financial instruments to create an optimal capital trading platform for investors in trading activities, and create a global brand worthy of dependence in the field of online financial market.